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Language Camp - FAQ

AnswerWhat supervision will be provided??  

At the language camp students are supervised by the teachers of the TASIS language department, and at the volleyball gymnasium the students are supervised by the head coach and his team of assistants. At the dormitory there is an in-house staff at Royal Holloway. At all times for the seven days of the camp, in all loctions, at least one member of the VbDC organizing staff will be present, including evenings, when that person or persons will stay at the dormitory. If a camper wishes to join groups for evening activities, such as local tours or recreational volleyball, they will be accompanied by a member of staff.

Without expressed written permission of the parents for over-18s, students will not be allowed to leave any of the campuses without supervision. 

AnswerWhat identification is required??  

The standard travel documents will be needed, as well as a letter of authorization for airlines, which gives them permission to care for student-athletes aged 18 and under (check with your airline for details). All documents will be held by the camp organizers for safekeeping during the duration of the camp.

Please do not forget to arrange any Visas required for entry into the UK

AnswerHow can I contact my child or the organizers??  

There will be a central contact mobile telephone held by the organizers who are supervising the campers at all times. The VbDC e-mail, website and land line can also be used.

AnswerWhat clothing should the student bring??  

The vast majority of time will be spent either in language class or on the court, so a mix of casual clothes and physical fitness kit will be the bulk of the camper’s wardrobe. There will be the possibility of informal outings in the evening, so casual clothing, such as jeans or skirts should also be packed. Don’t forget clothing appropriate for long-distant travel to and from Heathrow, and that even in summer, the English weather can be unpredictable: rainproof jackets and a sweater to ward off evening chill should be brought along. Laundry facilities are available if required.

AnswerHow much spending money should the campers bring??  

The amount of time the student-athletes will spend away from the camp is limited, so there will not be that many opportunities to spend pocket money. Sufficient funds for the purchase of non-alchoholic drinks or snacks from the university cafeteria. Money for souvenirs should the camper take part in a trip to a local sightseeing location or sports facility is advisable, as is money for travel to and from Heathrow.

AnswerWhat qualifications do the instructors have??  

All education and training staff are highly qualified in their fields. The language tutors at TASIS are highly experienced and the college is accredited by The British Council. On the volleyball court, coaches with experience of training at the teams at a national level provide the main guidance; they are assisted by trainers: young players who have been identified as top performers in the sport and who are in the first stages of their coaching qualifications.

All personnel who have direct contact with the student-athletes will have undergone CRB approval (child protection reviews conducted by British law enforcement authorities).


AnswerHow do I keep in touch??  

Student-athletes are permitted to keep their own mobile phones with them at all times, although they may not have direct access to them during lessons. There is a central coordinator’s telephone number, which is the most direct way to make contact with a member of staff during the camp. Staff members on duty will maintain regular contact with the central coordinator and can respond immediately to calls from the coordinator. Direct phone calls to the staff will not be permitted. E-mails to VbDC will be checked regularly throughout the day.

Please be aware of the time difference between your location and that of the camp, which is in Greenwich Mean Time.

AnswerWhat medical care is provided??  

Student-athletes with a medical history that could affect their performance on the court or in education or social settings must provide information on their history to the camp organizers. This would include issues such as allergies (especially food or insect allergies), past injuries (in particular those which may affect their physical activities on the volleyball court), or conditions that require monitoring or staff awareness (e.g. epilepsy). If medication is required to control these conditions, they must be provided by the student-athlete.

Documentation of medical insurance that covers the student-athlete during the course of the camp, including emergency medical care, must be provided.

First Aid qualified personnel will always be present at the courses. The nearest National Health Service emergency centre to the facilities is the St Peters Hospital in Chertsey, Surrey.

AnswerWhat are my transport responsibilities??  

Organizers will provide transport for campers to and from designated airports and rail stations only during specified time “windows”. If it is not possible for the camper to arrive or depart during those windows, it will be their responsibility to arrange transport to and from the main residence at Royal Holloway University’s Founder’s Hall.

Heathrow and Gatwick Airports, and the EuroStar terminal at St Pancras Station are the three designated ports of entry for the camp. Once the student has been met in person at the airport or station, and until the time he or she leaves the presence of the camp organizers for their departing flight or train, care for the student-athlete and supervision of the student-athlete will be the responsibility of the organizers. Organizers cannot take responsibility for the camper until the camper presents themselves in person to the organizers, and that responsibility ends at the time the student leaves their presence for their transport.

It is advisable for campers to have appropriate insurance arranged for their inward and outward travel.

AnswerHow do I know whether the language tuition is right for my child??  

All student-athletes will be expected to have at least a very fundamental knowledge of English, but the course will be tailored to meet their level of proficiency. There are six levels of instruction offered, each broken into two age groups. Students receive instruction and practice in verbs forms and tense, conditional sentences, passive forms, prepositions, comparative forms and reported speech. Sessions include group work, pair work, oral presentation and listening exercises.

After arrival on 27 June, and throughout the day on 28 June, the campers will be transferred to the campus of TASIS, where the language laboratory is located. They will be tested by tutors, and assigned to a level of instruction commensurate with their ability. A brief handwritten essay in English, provided in advance of the camp will help with the assessment.

Answer…and how do I know the volleyball coaching is right for their level of skill??  

All student athletes will be expected to have played at least entry level competitive volleyball, but inevitably there will be diversity in the individual skill levels. Instruction will be primarily take place with participation from the full camp roster, but as a goal is to provide individually tailored training, there will be sessions where the student-athletes work in groups of similar ability under the direct guidance of an assistant coach. An assessment of the campers’ ability is made on the first morning of the camp.

It will be helpful to have an accurate summary of the student’s ability and playing history from his or her school or club coach, and the handwritten essay (mentioned above) should explain the camper’s interest in volleyball and their plans for future participation in the sport.

AnswerWhat happens in the evenings??  

The evenings are the students’ own time, and they can spend it studying and practice their language studies in their dormitory room , which are fitted out with furniture for study. There are also social areas where the students can relax, and VbDC has made arrangements for use of the university’s new sports facility, so that volleyball training can continue, or informal games can take place. Local clubs can be invited to play against campers on these recreational evenings. There are also outings to local historic sites planned for some nights as an optional activity.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which camp best suits your needs.