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Camp FAQs

AnswerCan I come to a camp if I am not from the UK?  

Yes we have had campers attending from all over Europe and even farther afield.

AnswerDo you provide accomodation ?  

We can usually arrange for accomodation with local famalies who have athletes attending the camp, however demand for accomodation is often high so we can only offer this on a first come best endeavours basis.

AnswerCan you provide transportation?  

We can normally provide transport or escort the campers from their point of arrival in the UK to the host family. It may be possible to provide transport to the venue from the local station but the number of spaces is likely to be limited.

AnswerWhat do I need to bring?  

Bring the usual volleyball equipment, indoor sports shoes (ideally ones specifically designed for volleyball as they provide the support and cushioning needed for the sport), knee pads, supports, braces and taping as required. For your comfort we suggest a change of clothing to travel to and from the venue.

Have a LARGE drinks bottle with you to keep hydrated throughout the day.

AnswerHow should I prepare for the camp?  

Our camps are physically demanding, so we strongly suggest doing fitness training in preparation for the camps. On our feedback forms it is the Number One bit of advise to be passed on to future attendees.

We are developing a 6 week training plan for athletes attending the week long summer camp which will be available soon.

AnswerWill I be able to buy volleyball equipment?  

Yes - We work with leading UK specialist companies to provide a range of equipment at the camps. Please let us know if you have any particular requirements.

AnswerWhich camp is right for me?  

We run different camps to suit a range of ages and abilities, we have found the suggested age ranges we quote for the camps takes into account the different speed of development of young athletes. We sometimes find that the step up from maybe only a weekly training schedule to an intense 5 days camp can be tough for athletes at the lower end of the age range. The Skills Camp is designed as an introduction to the intensity of training encountered during the week long camp.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which camp best suits your needs.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss which camp best suits your needs.